Clubs & Performing

There are three clubs that run once a month at 6pm on a Sunday evening; Theory, TipTap Rhythm and Composition


Composition and theory are not formal teaching sessions but a chance to meet other musicians and have fun while the teacher is around to help and encourage. You will have access to the latest music technology and a range of instruments for composing or arranging and plenty of worksheets available to help you understand music in Theory Club. TipTap Rhythm Club is a unique opportunity to improve rhythm skills in a fun way. Look out for special events throughout the year.

To join in the fun sign up by clicking hereCost: £3 per person per session. 


TipTap Rhythm


Music Festivals

Christmas Concerts

Annual Recital Concert

Tuition Hours

Monday            Closed

Tuesday            9am-9pm

Wednesday     9am-9pm

Thursday          9am-9pm

Friday                9am-9pm

Saturday           10am-7pm

Sunday             10am-7pm

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