Clubs & Performing

There are three clubs that run once a month at 6pm on a Sunday evening; Theory, TipTap Rhythm and Composition.

Check the website to ensure there is a club taking place as they are term time only. Booking essential.


Clubs are not formal teaching sessions but workshops that give you a chance to meet other musicians, play educational games and have fun. The teacher is around to help and encourage and will lead the sessions by teaching you new skills. You will have access to the latest music technology and a range of instruments for composing or arranging and plenty of worksheets available to help you understand music in Theory Club. TipTap Rhythm Club is a unique opportunity to improve rhythm skills in a fun way. Look out for special events throughout the year.

To join in the fun sign up by clicking hereCost: £3 per person per session. 

Understanding that music performance opportunities are getting less and less for students as schools reduce the arts in the curriculum and music venues closing down in the local area, we offer performance opportunities several times a year to our students. There are four music festivals a year, the annual recital and awards evening and the Christmas Carol Concert. 

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