Coronavirus Update

Covid-19 has caused so many changes for everyone. Sadly we have also had to make lots of changes. It is vital that we play our part in ensuring the safety and welfare of our students, their friends and family whilst also looking after our students' musical education and mental health.


Since March, we have done the following: 

  • Invested in good quality technology so that we can offer all clubs and lessons online using a variety of platforms; Messenger, FaceTime, Zoom or Skype

  • Enabled students to sit their examinations as recorded online examinations

  • Continued to provide fun through educational games that can be transferred to a digital format and screen shared

  • Provided students with payment options that can help whilst people are facing a reduction in earnings or redundancy

  • Student Scholarship offered to more students than normally available 

  • Kept students and parents up to date monthly 

  • Cancelled trips and special events to keep students safe

  • Hosted several online quizzes to provide families with support and social interaction through lockdown

  • Delivered a surprise parcel to students to thank them for their continued support through such difficult times

Lessons, clubs and special event in the immediate future

We are following government guidelines and making necessary changes at short notice. This is to keep everyone safe. Students are advised to check their emails and the portal regularly. 


Currently, all clubs are taking place online and there are no music festivals, performances, 3-5 year old programmes or examinations scheduled for the rest of 2020. 

Lessons are online as far as is possible and is the only option for woodwind and brass students. Piano and keyboard students can have lessons in person at the studio but we have a strict hygiene protocol in place. For these students, details can be found on the Student Zone Homepage.  

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