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Lessons are taught in a well equipped room featuring modern technology and a range of resources. Located close to Merry Hill Shopping Centre and Russell's Hall Hospital with parking opposite.  

There is a sitting area for parents/guardians that wish to stay during the student's lesson.


Learning music is fun but it also takes commitment so you are required to have a weekly or fortnightly lesson slot. Instrumental lessons take place over 39 weeks of the year. There is time dedicated to music theory and holidays are broadly inline with local school holidays. More details are provided on the music agreement form. Students will need to own/rent their own instrument and bring it along to the lesson, except for piano and electronic keyboards which are provided.

Monthly fees are payable on the 1st of each month except August. 

Introductory lesson

The aim of your introductory lesson is to cover all the basic contractual and instrumental information in order to get you started.


During this session of up to an hour, we will chat about any prior musical experience you may have, your preferred learning styles and what you would like to get out of the lessons in the long term. If you have never played the instrument before we cover basic maintenance to ensure the instrument is looked after in the correct way, talk about how to make a sound and ways to hold/play the instrument as well as discussing favourite music genres. The cost of this lesson is £12.50. 


Your teacher will hold qualified teacher status, an enhanced DBS certificate, up-to-date safeguard training certificate for both children and vulnerable adults and be an accomplished musician of at least grade 8 standard in their main instrument. They will also have

plenty of performing experience.

Your teacher is able to develop a student's music skills so that they are confident about playing a wide range of music genres, technical skills such as scales, aural tests, basic music theory, improvisation skills as well as aspects of music technology and recording. 

Fun and rewarding

At Christmas, the fun awards are given out and during the annual recital concert, certificates and the Player of the Year award is presented. There are other challenges throughout the year and plenty of stickers and games incorporated into lessons. 

For younger students, there is an opportunity to consider auditioning for a variety of national bands and orchestras such as the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britian and the National Youth Orchestra; as well as other local bands, orchestras and ensemble groups for all ages. 


Our secure parent and student portal makes sure you can track you/your child's progress and practice log, book or cancel lessons and clubs online, contact the tutor and much more. 

100% practical pass rate since 2005


The benefits of working towards a goal and developing skills in a progressive way is vital to becoming a well-rounded musician. Therefore, all students will be expected to work towards an examination but they may decide not to sit the examination before moving onto the next. 

All exam boards are regulated to maintain equal standards, however, the content of the exams and repertoire varies. Higher grade passes come with UCAS points for those wishing to enter University level courses and Grade 5 theory is a pre-requisite for higher grades with some exam board. 

These are the options available to Learn@home Students. Please note that not all grades are available on every instrument. Please contact us for more information.

Theory of Music

Grades 1-5

Leisure Play

Initial, Grades 1-8


Initial, Grades 1-8

Rock & Pop Keyboard

Initial, Grades 1-8


Initial, Grades 1-8

Ensemble Medals

Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum

You never stop learning music and so why stop at grade 8? Once you have passed grade 8 you can take a performance-only diploma (ARSM) or advance through music performance and teaching diplomas such as the DipABRSM/DipLCM/ALCM, ALCM, LRSM/LLCM, FRSM/FLCM. These are equivalent to QCF levels 4 (1yr undergraduate) to level 7 (Masters level).

Tuition Hours

Monday            Closed

Tuesday            9am-9pm

Wednesday     9am-9pm

Thursday          9am-9pm

Friday                9am-9pm

Saturday           10am-7pm

Sunday             10am-7pm

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