At what age can you start learning music? 

Pre-9 months! Music is a universal language which can be learnt through listening, watching, reading and doing. You are never too young to start listening to music and feeling the beat. Likewise, you are never too old to learn an instrument. There is research being carried out that suggests it may help with conditions such as Dementia. 

Which instrument should I choose? 

It's all down to personal choice and musical styles that you enjoy. Certain instruments are popular in different genres. Other factors include space at home to store the instrument, volume when practising and car size when going to gigs and rehearsals. The make of instrument depends on personal preference and we would recommend visiting a local music store to try them out and seek expert advice. 

What methods do we use? 

Age 3-5: This is where your child will learn about the basics of music. Playing with percussion instruments, singing songs and dancing. We teach this in short half hour sessions. 

With young children aged 5-8 we use Piano safari - A fun way of introducing them to the piano/keyboard using animals and colours to represent notes and patterns. Keyboard students will use the Ben Parker series of books. 

For students aged 8+ learning piano we use the John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course or John Thompson's Modern Course. Keyboard players learn using the The Complete Keyboard Player series and woodwind and brass start on the Team Woodwind/Team Brass Series. 

Theory is taught through normal instrumental lessons but for those wanting a more formal teaching we use a wide range of resources including Music Theory in Practice, How to Blitz ABRSM Theory and Music Theory for Young Musicians. 

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